Parte del log de 2019



  • A Tour of C++. I learned C++03 at university and although I had used C++11/14 features before, I had never stopped to actually learn about it systematically. This book made me think that C++11 is actually an acceptable language.
  • Effective Modern C++. After reading the previous book I decided to keep on reading on some issues in this second book. This book then made me return to my original stance: C++ design is unbelievably complicated and it is close to impossible to have a mental model of its semantics or what a program will actually do in detail. I think some of the problems will be somewhat improved when concepts become an official thing, but nonetheless the list of exceptions and quirks surpasses by a lot those that I have found in other languages.
  • Locke & Key, vol. 1. An adventure/fantasy/horror comic that I really enjoyed.

Videos & TV shows:

  • Men. Abuse. Trauma. - Philosophy Tube, an excellent monologue on abuse. Content warning for discussions of (mostly psychological) abuse.
  • Fleabag, seasons 1 & 2. Never had I fallen in love with a TV show so much as I have with this one. The use of the aside glance and private comments to the viewer is simply the best I had ever seen.
  • Big Little Lies, season 2. I think I liked more the first season, but I was happy with it overall.
  • Chernobyl, season 1. Although it seems it is historically inaccurate in some ways (apart from the plot devices), it is aesthetically superb.


  • Composing traversals, an example-based introduction to Traversable and higher kinded types composition in Haskell.

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